Warpig Agency


Based in Galicia, northwest of Spain, Warpig Agency counts with over 10 years of experience. Good results and reviews are the main characteristics of our team when it's referred to the organization of an event, festival or tour.

From underground to mainstream events, always keeping the essence of the agency, their good work is well known all around the world.


Regardless of the event, Warpig fits all needs of the production.

The agency can hire any artist or make the full organization of a festival (sound, lights, backline, stage, catering, etc...) or tour (transportation, hotels, venues, etc...).

Warpig works at an optimum level in any production, whether local, national or international.


Warpig gives advice to all kind of artists so they can lead a suitable direction for appropriate goals.


A good promotion is one of the hallmarks of identity of the agency.

The realization of all kind of promotions, from merchandise (shirts, goodies, etc ...) to design and production of posters will give as result the desired success.


Warpig has worked in different festivals hiring international artists.


Warpig Agency has worked, among others, with the following artists in various aspects.

Working directly as tour managers, merchandisers, organizing a full tour or just making several successful productions (You can ask the artists for references about us): Paul Dianno (GB), Moonspell (PT), Finntroll (FI), Entombed (SE), Extreme Noise Terror (GB), Antimatter (GB), Agathodaimon (DE), Ancient (NO), Duncan Patterson (GB), Profane Omen (FI), Rotting Christ (GR), Sacred Sin (PT), Lizzy Borden (US), Troll (NO), Avulsed (ES), Dark Embrace (ES), Hatesphere (DK), Korpiklaani (FI), Eluveitie (CH), Blaze Bayley (GB), Inquisition (US), Krisiun (BR), Skyclad (GB), Turisas (FI), Watain (SE), Setherial (SE), Impiety (SG), Beseech (SE), Fueled By Fire (US), Grave (SE), Obituary (US), To/Die/For (FI) and many more…

Also in the past we worked with other agencies with the booking in Spain and Portugal or making a few local productions with bands such as: Sepultura (BR), Testament (US), WASP (US), Amon Amarth (SE), Behemoth (PL), Cancer (GB), Corvus Corax (DE), Decapitated (PL), Destruction (DE), Hate (PL), Kampfar (NO) and many more bands…


Hire Warpìg team if you are in the need of professional tour manager and merchandisers for touring. Also we offer booking and production in Spain and Portugal for single shows or tours.