Tres Laboratorio de Ideas y Comunicación S.L.

Tres Laboratorio de Ideas y Comunicación S.L.

Calle Pastoriza, 1, 1º. 15003 A Coruña

Rómulo Sanjurjo
(+34) 619 844 761


—We believe in the cultural and creative industry as an strategic sector.
—We have ideas and we can develop them.
—We like innovative, original and unique projects.
—Advise institutions, organizations and companies on strategic planning and programming of cultural spaces.
—We represent artists and groups of creators.
—We create and produce projects related to art, culture, social communication and thought.
—We create and produce projects for television, advertising, films and multimedia.
—We create and produce musical and theatrical shows.
—We own a recording label for the production, publishing and distribution of hardcopy and digital publications.