Asociación Galega de Empresas Musicais (AGEM)

Asociación Galega de Empresas Musicais (AGEM)

Edificio Área Central, local 26. 15707 Santiago de Compostela (A Coruña)

Beatriz Fernández Rivera
(+34) 981 937 887


The Galician Association of Music Businesses was founded in 2007 to defend the professional interests of Galician companies that provide services in the live music sector, including producers, promoters, managers and phonograph publishers.

They are the reason why our association was constituted, therefore, we will specify the most relevant ones below:

—Representing all associates and manage their economic interests and the promotion of their professional interests, as well as their social and cultural rights, both individual and collective.
—Create a panel to exchange ideas and experiences for the benefit of their profession and the promotion, production and distribution of concerts.
—Building and maintaining solidarity between promoters, producers, and concert sales agents in regards to ethical and professional values.
—Maintain the necessary contact with other related organizations from anywhere in order to provide mutual cooperation and exchange experiences in professional matters that result in the benefit of the Association and its partners. For that purpose, it's our principle to affiliate with other associations in the music industry within the same geographical area for the defense of common interests.
—Negotiate and enter into agreements with various organizations, institutions, governments, companies or any persons or legal entities anywhere in the world with regards to issues that interest and/or affect members of the Association in the management of their activities.