Audia Records

Audia Records

Pol. de Toedo, Parcela C-5. 36680 A Estrada (Pontevedra)


(+34) 986 590 055


Audia Records is a jazz record label founded in 2005. This record label works exclusively on the production of Jazz in its different manifestations, promoting the work of Galician artists or artists who work in Galicia. The philosophy of the brand is to channel its efforts in two directions: on one hand, they are firmly committed to bring to the general public a style that is generally geared towards a specific audience, producing the music of artists that merge Jazz with other more popular styles; on the other hand, spreading the work of already established jazz performers both Galician and national.

Audia Records created the week of Jazz Gallego together with El Corte Inglés.

Audia Records is responsible for distributing the work of the authors in both standard and digital format. It's part of IFPI and AGEDI and it works with SGAE in the publishing of records.

Audia Records is open to all kinds of music related to jazz and they make the recording studio (considered one of the best equipped in Galicia) available to musicians, to provide the best production conditions.

In Audia Records we collaborate with other recording studios and distributors with the same cultural goals.