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Boa Editorial

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We are music publishers.

In the past, the publisher was responsible for publishing and selling the scores of the composers and artists, since there was no other way to broadcast it. Music recording started at the end of the nineteenth century.

Today publishers still edit scores and market the works of the artists they represent, although with a large number of different media on which you can now record a work, with millions of users, and various distribution and dissemination channels.

The work of an artist or composer is a creation that comes from the talent and genius of the individual but it's also the result of hard work and constant effort in musical training and the experience and dedication to music. A complex and, often, fragile and insecure work.

As editors we market, register and properly protect the works of artists. Our mission is to take the music of our repertoire to all possible avenues: recordings, radio, movies, television, advertising, the Internet, etc. We have to take into account that today the world is globalized and interconnected. The popularity of a work around the globe can happen in a matter of days or hours.

Artists from all over the world, thousands of creators, are represented by different management associations, each country having its own. These management associations are responsible for processing general use licenses, for charging on behalf of artists and publishers, and to pay them. The worldwide Intellectual Property Law has been in existence for more than 300 years. These laws protect the copyright and moral rights of creators, and they are the base for the prevention of the abuse of their creations, as well as becoming the way that creators are paid for their work.

We have been music publishers since 1995, and we have a wide repertoire of songs, because we are representatives of almost all the artists whose records we publish. We have extensive experience and knowledge of the publishing sector. Our music is licensed for films, advertising, television, albums and recordings, etc., in almost every market in the world.

We provide management services for our authors.

We are responsible and efficient professionals.

If you want more information about our activities, please contact us.