Fol Música

Fol Música

Av. Xosé Mª Castroviejo, 5. 36940 Cangas do Morrazo (Pontevedra)

Nando Luaces, Inma Grass
(+34) 609 215 412
(+34) 618 913 436


FOL MÚSICA is a record label specializing in Galician music that is part of the BOA.

Back in 1992 we decided to create this record label and we started to distribute alternative and interesting music from all over the world. We were young and had very little experience in the music industry and in the business world, but we were full of dreams and eager to make them happen. This is how BOA was founded, a Galician name that decribed our passion for music.

Although we published Galician music before, in 1995 we created DO FOL Edicións, a brother label dedicated to traditional Galician music, in the broadest sense of the word.

We launched the first albums by CHOUTEIRA, OS CEMPÉS and BERROGÜETTO, three new artists at the time that were going to transform Galician music. It’s been a long time since then and through these years we have created an interesting catalogue, with wonderful albums and beautiful music. After some time we changed our name and created a new logo. That’s how FOL MÚSICA was founded, a record label dedicated 100% to Galician music.

Our activities focus on editing, producing and distributing music. We also organize events and concerts, an area in which we’ve got extensive experience. We are professionals of music, and on top of that we defend the principles of transparency, responsibility, ethics and cordiality; values that we want to strengthen over time.

We want to show our cultural and social uniqueness. The Galician language is one of the bastions of our project, a highly valued good in this globalized world. We like publishing interesting artistic proposals that have something to say: new artists who we want to support, and long term artists who need a suitable platform for marketing and promotion.

A widespread distribution of these works is our mission. We distribute in many countries worldwide and we are present in all existing Internet platforms.

We will continue publishing wonderful and unique works. Creativity has no limits and the future is full of exciting surprises.

Mercedes Peón
—Rodrigo Romaní
Radio Cos
Magín Blanco
Sérgio Tannus
Banda Crebinsky
A Banda das Crechas
Fuxan os Ventos
Os Cempés
—Ialma Malvela
—Pancho Álvarez
Cristina Pato e Rosa Cedrón "Soas"