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Melona Fest

La Melona is a cultural collective based in Santiago de Compostela since late 2015 that arose from the need and the desire to seize the potential of the Galician capital with the aim of promoting culture and emerging artists from different disciplines on the Galician, Spanish and international scenes.

After one year of life, and continuing their efforts to grow as part of Compostela’s leisure options, La Melona-Eventos Culturales embarked on the organization of their first festival: MelonaFest Vol. 1.

The opportunity to bring together different bands and DJs from Galician and Portuguese lands in one single event became a reality in April last year. In its first edition, MelonaFest included a double (daytime and nighttime) schedule in an eclectic event with high-quality projects like Aries, who presented her successful “Adieu or Die” (La Castanya/K Records, 2016).

In addition to the eclecticism and experimentation of Vol. 1, which La Melona intends to continue and expand in Vol. 2, they have also focused on the management of a number of venues, somehow giving the city a leading role in the event. One of the main changes in the festival this year will be its duration, going from one to three days (April 6, 7 and 8).

Broadening its horizons in terms of both styles and borders, the festival will feature international artists, such as the Dutch Mauskovic Dance Band, and will continue relying on Galician artists, both established (Fluzo) and emerging ones (Boyanka Kostova).

La Melona’s close relationship with the Portuguese musical scene, one of the group’s hallmarks, will be consolidated this year through their collaboration with the initiative Um ao Molhe, a traveling one-man-band festival that will bring the projects Surma, O Manipulador and Tren Go! Sound System to the city.

La Melona invites us to enjoy a heterogeneous and fresh event that is certain not to disappoint either melomaniacs or party and nightlife lovers.

Music promoters: La Melona

Establishment year: 2016

Periodicity: Annual

Duration: Three days

Place of celebration: Santiago de Compostela

Approximate dates of celebration: October 28th-November 1st 2020

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