Rockin' Vila

Rockin' Vila

The Rockin 'Vila is a non-profit festival that takes place in Vilanova de Arousa, created in 2014 by the PIB CREW Cultural Association, and launched as end-of-degree’s project a by four young man, in which, nowadays, lots of people contribute with. It is managed to consolidate itself in the Galician summer music scene, with a (good) organization, which stands out for the image towards the public, having a production where every little detail is taken care of, and promoted with an effective and high quality.

One of the reasons that led them to start this project was to try to give more visibility to the culture offered in this fishing village. The aim is to give Vilanova de Arousa a good position in the Galician music scene and also to let know people about its beautiful environment.

The original idea and philosophy of the Rockin’ Vila was always preserved: the commitment to music in Galicia, with multiple musical styles in its line-up, although the most popular is rock and roll.

Please note that, Galicia and its culture is the base of the project and, thanks to each year editions do not stop growing, you could see great bands of the current national music scene in this corner of Vilanova.

Besides promoting Galician music and its culture, they also fight for the defense of Galician language, the contribution of leisure and cultural alternatives to the town of Vilanova, as well as supporting music groups of the area, achieving positive impacts for the tourism and, of course, the consolidation of the festival as an event with own value and identity.

The event is extended to the entire town of Vilanova de Arousa, including all its neighbors and visitors, programming multiple complementary activities beyond the concerts: activities for children, traditional games...

In previous editions of this Festival, different kind of artists were invited, as par example: Mafalda, Dakidarria, Familia Caamagno, The Locos, Ruxe-Ruxe ... This year, bands like Sés, Funkiwis or Terbutalina will be part of the Festival’s Stage, although there is still lots of more to be confirmed.

We’re waiting for you!

Music promoters: Asociación Cultural PIB CREW

Establishment year: 2014

Periodicity: Yearly

Duration: Two days

Place of celebration: Vilanova de Arousa, Pontevedra

Approximate dates of celebration: Second week of August

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