Nachiños Fest

Nachiños Fest Nachiños Fest


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Nachiños Fest

Nachiños Fest emerges from a conversation between some friends during a music festival hundreds of kilometers away from their hometown... and ends up becoming a reality that, after starting its journey in 2019, this September 8th and 9th seeks to celebrate its IV edition.

Sen Senra, Guitarricadelafuente, Novedades Carminha, Carlos Sadness, Carolina Durante or Sidonie are some of the artists who have thrilled more than 2,500 people who every summer gather at Campo das Cabazas de Covas (Ferrol) to enjoy a new experience.

From the respect and care towards the admirable natural environment where it is held, the festival seeks to continue strengthen its most recent results in order to become one of the reference events in northern Galicia.

Music promoters: Andar Producciones S.L.

Establishment year: 2019

Periodicity: Annually

Duration: 2 days

Place of celebration: Covas (Ferrol)

Approximate dates of celebration: September 8th-9th

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