David Falcón

David Falcón is a guitarist, vocalist and producer from Cambados (Pontevedra, 1988).

After almost a decade playing guitar with many artists from the Galician music scene (currently The Gypsy Souls) he resumes his solo project -which already has a self-released EP in 2012 - that have remained dormant in recent years.

The new iteration of this project evolves from the blues and soul of its inception into more experimental territories, with elements of ambient, progressive rock, electronic and jazz. Sound design as a sign of identity, where guitars, synthesizers and vocals swap roles to create textures, rhythms and special sounds.

On his Instagram and YouTube channels, he shares his sonic experiments as well as song drafts and collaborations with other artists.

In 2021, he releases, one single at a time, his next EP, “Into the Blackest” is a leap into the void, towards new ways of making music and delving into introspective and social subjects where technology is an engine of change in society play a key role in their lyrics.

With Jesús Caramés on drums and Alberto Lamas on bass, “Into the Blackest” will be a collaboration with multiple artists and friends from other bands.

The second single of the EP, “Winds and Lights”, was just released and joins the previous one, “Moving On”; they are both available on all digital platforms.



Moving On


2021, Autopublicado

Winds and Lights


2021, Independiente


Winds and Lights (audio)

Moving On (Audio)


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