CALDO is María Jorge (violin), Anaïs Barbier (voice, tambourine) and Pedro Fariñas (guitar), together they offer an approach to integrate traditional Galician melodies into new sound contexts, along with their own pieces marked by European and Atlantic music. In this project they commit to their own songwriting, as well as on the review of the traditional Galician repertoire, focusing on the village of Moscoso (Pontevedra). For that purpose, the trio works with the material provided by a couple of informants, Rosa and Aída Garrido, and collected by the teacher Xisco Feijóo.

In their first work, consisting of their own and traditional songs, CALDO uses the pieces from the repertoire of the Moscoso village as the driving force of the album. “Caldo” (2019) was recorded live in order to maintain the essence and energy of her live performances.

After their launch at Sala Kominsky (Vigo), where tickets were sold out, they traveled to Sant Boi (Catalonia) to the Rubrifolkum Festival, where they shared the stage with artists such as Mercedes Peón. Afterwards, they keep on playing their work in venues throughout Galicia (Santiago, A Coruña, Ortigueira, Ourense) and at festivals such as the Eira Festival (Mos), What Is Music 2019 (Frías-Burgos) or Espazo Paralaia, as parto of the program of Festival del Mundo Celta de Ortigueira.

Currently, they are still touring their self-titled debut album while working on the songs that will be part of a second one, which is on the way.


María Jorge
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2019, Caldo


Arrolo de Cumieira


Albor en Moscoso


Alborada de Inzenga / Ay Roxiña!


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