Ailá is a music project inspired by the traditional music of oral transmission, born with the aim of making people dance and feel that universal energy made "of roots and wings", but it is also a semantic proposal, a neologism to name the emotional essence of today’s people "in the echoes of the memory of those who preceded us".

Ailá immerses us in the folk universe; or tradi, as they prefer to call it, with impeccable arrangements from the historical collections of popular musical knowledge. This, together with the peculiar band made up of four musicians, gives it a unique character, bringing a new tone to their traditional repertoire; a new proposal that comes from folk to become tradi.

Furthermore, with this new artistic proposition, Ailá aims to share their roots music with younger generations through a language and sounds that are closer to them without losing their essence, providing a broader vision of the musical universe within the current scene, and building their own particular tradi style.

Ailá was forged in the magical party nights at the Casa das Crechas where, when the curtain came down, always gave shelter to some of the protagonists to keep making music. These small musical sessions were nourished by a repertoire inspired by sound archives, popular songbooks and old musical recordings that, among all those attendants, gave it shape and breathed life into it.


Mirmidón Producciones
Maruchy Suárez
667 706 241




2021, Autoeditado


Muiñeira de Frades


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