AnodhoR is born in 2013, when friends Jota (vocals) and Tin (violin) leave their previous bands and decide to merge their music styles creating a peculiar genre by combining folk and death metal. Bruno (whistle) joins the band and together they start a stage of instability where, even though they give some concerts and win some local awards, they are more focused in looking for other musicians with their same feeling towards this minority genre.

Later on, Alba (bass) and Saúl (guitar) join the band, but still, AnodhoR wouldn’t be complete until the end of 2015, when it is joined by Jacky (drums) and Sergio (guitar). Right in that moment the band undertakes an exciting journey, musically speaking, and it decides to record its first demo.

We can say the band rises in 2016, rising that would lead it to give shows together with international bands of the same genre and to the release of its first album, “Break the Silence” (2016) in december, both events mark a turning point into AnodhoR’s near future with a tour coming in 2017.

AnodhoR are Juan Carlos “Jota” Hernández (vocals); Bruno Cerviño (whistle); Martín “Tin” González (violin); Saúl Castro (guitar); Sergio Area (guitar); Alba Santiago (bass) y Jacky Steel (drums).



Break the Silence


2016, AnodhoR


AnodhoR - Filloas de Breogán


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