Etal Equal Festival

Etal Equal Festival Etal Equal Festival


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Etal Equal Festival

The Etal Equal Music Festival is a festival of diverse music. It focuses on minority genres or, in other words, genres that are difficult to classify. We want to make room for musical groups that, due to their essence and sound dynamism, cannot be represented elsewhere.

The festival will hold its second edition on September 2nd and 3rd in Ribeira.

The initiative was born in the Ribeira Crea Cultural Association, through which we intend to bring new and original musical proposals to the environment and fill our streets with new sounds, artistic experiences and sensations.

Music promoters: Asociación Ribeira Crea

Establishment year: 2022

Periodicity: Yearly

Duration: Two days

Place of celebration: Ribeira, A Coruña

Approximate dates of celebration: September 2nd-3rd

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