What is As Revenidas? To start with: salted and roasted sardines on the grill. So, are we talking about a gastronomical event? While this is typically the case for virtually all the festivals in Galicia – and not intending to look down on the actual “sardinada”, which gathers hundreds of people in the park to enjoy the family event – after ten years of hard work and dedication, As Revenidas has become a much bigger thing.

As Revenidas is at this point an essential annual event in the calendar of festivals in Galicia. By the sea, in the fishing village of Vilaxoán, every July local and foreign artists gather here, joined by multicultural sounds but with a strong popular character at the same time, artists that accompany and promote the party, and claim the culture and the public spaces as the people's heritage.

English, Galician, Spanish, Basque… it's a space open to every language, where besides music there is also room for other artistic expression such as theater, circus, magic, etc.

More than 20 groups participated in As Revenidas in 2013, both from inside Galicia and out, turning July 18th , 19th and 20th into a great party. Everything but the concerts of the last two days was free of charge, including all the afternoon activities and the concerts of the first day.

The festival has two camping areas prepared with toilets, showers and cleaning service. Close by you can find the beach and in less than 15 minutes walking you can reach the centre of Vilagarcía de Arousa.

Music promoters: AIRAPRO

Establishment year: 2003

Periodicity: Annual

Duration: Four days

Place of celebration: Vilaxoán, Vilagarcía de Arousa

Approximate dates of celebration: Ssptember 7-10th, 2023

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