Espazos Sonoros

Espazos Sonoros

Organized in collaboration with the Consellería de Cultura, Educación e Ordenación Universitaria of the Galician Government, this concert series links the music and the value of our historical and artistic heritage in a unique cycle of music in sites of cultural interest. It has the the aim of becoming a meeting point for audiences and artists and, at the same time, a reference frame for presentation of artistic and musical proposals. The festival is structured around four main cores: music for organ, early and chamber music, vocal and avant-garde music, and it takes place at different sites of historical interest. Throughout its six editions, many famous artists have performed in this festival: Gothic Voices, Andrew Laurence-King, Trio Joubran, Ensemble Kapsberger, Oni Wytars, Huelgas Ensemble, Moscow Art Trio, Arianna Savall, Gilles Binchois, Germán Díaz, Martin Codax, Resonet, Quadriga Consort, Les Sacqueboutiers de Toulousse, Rolf Lislevand, among others. A unique experience, where audiences and musicians shall travel through time, music and architectural styles, in a music festival with a strong and consolidated personality.

Music promoters: SIRGO TORCENDO S.L. xestión cultural

Establishment year: 2008

Periodicity: Annual

Duration: Ca. two months

Place of celebration: Galicia

Approximate dates of celebration: September 1th - October 7th 2018

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