Festival de las Luces

Festival de las Luces

Festival de las Luces 2023: A unique night of music and art in Vigo

Date: 28 December 2023
Venue: Sala Masterclub, Vigo

This December 28, Sala Masterclub (Vigo) will become the epicentre of an unparalleled musical experience with Festival de las Luces. Contrary to the traditional Christmas illumination, it will be four exceptional bands that will light up the night with their captivating sounds.

Ghost Beast:
Electronica and art-rock merge in Ghost Beast, a trio that transforms introspection into a unique sound experience. On their latest album, "The Other Side of Fear", they deliver a contemporary and timeless sound that unfolds naturally on stage.

Emerging from creative chaos, Antifrágil lead boldly, exploring psychedelic and progressive terrain. Their latest single, "MIEDO", promises to take listeners on a raw and evocative 90s sound trip.

From the streets of Edinburgh to Vigo, Castillo fuses Americana and grunge into a raw sound that evokes the American Wild West. Their debut album, "Now I Understand", is an intriguing mix of classic and alternative.

Esteban Varela, known for his contributions to festivals such as Primavera Sound, presents rArO, an innovative musical project. With a dynamic fusion of styles reminiscent of Daft Punk and Gorillaz, rArO offers captivating and visually stunning live performances.

Live Art with Marcos Míguez Puhinger:
In addition to the vibrant music, talented self-taught artist Marcos Míguez Puhinger will paint live during the concerts, adding a unique visual layer to the sensory experience of the festival.

Don't miss the Festival de las Luces 2023 at Vigo's Sala Masterclub. A night where music and art come together to brighten your senses.

Music promoters: Francisco Doblas, Daniel Soler

Establishment year: 2023

Periodicity: -

Duration: 4 h

Place of celebration: Vigo

Approximate dates of celebration: December 28, 2023

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