Sanny, artistic persona of Sandra Gómez, is a singer-songwriter from Vigo whose music merges the sound of early Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen’s Nebraska, as well as that of contemporary indie artists such as Phoebe Bridgers and Sharon Van Etten. She develops her unique writing and interpretive style in small venues of Santiago de Compostela and Vigo.

In 2019, she goes on a research stay for three months in Preston (UK), where every week she attends the open-mics of the local pubs while she also carries out a research on music and society in the US. During these months she finalises the songs that would go on to constitute her debut EP, “Loners Downtown” (2019) recorded in Estudios Mans. The work consists of five songs in which the artist explores the topic of loneliness and evidences the influence of American folk. Sanny takes part in a variety of events and festivals such as Smalltown, Sofar Sounds Porto, and she even becomes the supporting artist for Sidone and Iván Ferreiro in their shows at TerraCeo and EspazoFest respectively.

Now, with the release of her new single ‘25’ the artist the artist sets out on a new phase. ‘25’ is the first of two songs recorded last summer in Radar Estudios (Vigo) and produced by Pablo Iglesias. This first single also allows the her to introduce her new band: Denis Carballás (guitar), Bruno Costas (bass), Anxo Paz (drums). The folkish style that characterized her earlier work gives way now to more elaborate melodies and complex production.


Sandra Gómez Garrido
620 155 000 - 628 233 004


Loners Downtown


2019, RockCD Records




Bird in a Cage @ Sofar Sounds Porto


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