atún blanco

atún blanco is Antón Blanco’s musical project, a native of A Coruña born in 1997.

A polarised journey that combines acoustic delicacy and electronic experimentation, giving rise to sounds that are difficult to categorise, inspired by artists such as Bon Iver, Ben Howard or John Frusciante, as well as by an endless range of musical genres and artistic influences.

On 21 June 2024, 'lobos de mar', a song about emancipation and life cycles, is released as a declaration of intent and the first single from "17", a debut album of seventeen songs composed, recorded and produced at home by Antón.

Each song comes with a graphic symbol and has its own animated lyric video. This artwork will be brought to physical format in a book with all the images and lyrics for the release of the album in December 2024.

Collaborating are Iago Blanco (The Rapants, Capital Voskov) as sound engineer; Amanda Tato Regueiro as art director; and Gonzalo Pulido (Johnny Garso, Universo 1963) in the development of the audiovisual content. Digital distribution is handled by Gran Sol through The Orchard.

For the live set, Cecilia Burillo (Kreze, Planète Sauvage) follows Antón as vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, with a dynamic set in which the space is open to improvisation and constant movement, with songs that change from one concert to another and adapt to the space in which they are performed and re-imagined.


Antón Blanco Rey
+34 655 203 973


lobos de mar (single)




lobos de mar (lyric video)


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