Antonio Otero Quartet

Antonio Otero began his studies in music at the Professional Conservatory of Lugo, his hometown, where he obtained the degree of saxophone instructor. He continued his studies at the Permanent seminar of Saxophone in Pontevedra where he attended lessons taught by Andrés Gomis and Pablo Coello, as well as in the Permanent Seminar of Jazz in Pontevedra with Abe Rábade and Paco Charlín. Finally, he obtained his Bachelor of Jazz at the Conservatory of Music in A Coruña. He shared the stage with numerous artists both from the Spanish and the international scene. He collaborated with the Xacobe Martinez Quintet, A Tribu, Gaston Rodriguez Quartet, Cats and Monkeys, Mister Feelgood Soul Band, Pontevedra BigBand, The Groovefathers, Ten Jazzmen, Imaxina Sons Orquesta, Orquesta de Jazz de Galicia, Marcos Pin Factor E Reset, Joe Mess Jazz Project, The Syndicate, Pablo Castaño Septet, El Kiki, etc. He also participated in numerous festivals on the national and international scene, such as the Festijazz 2011 in La Paz and Santacruz (Bolivia) and the European Jazz Contest (Rome).

Antonio Otero Quartet is a band formed by musicians with extensive experience on the national and international jazz scene. With this new project they provide their own interpretation of some of the most representative pieces in the vocal jazz repertoire, bringing their own vision and giving it a new look.

The group consists of Toño Otero (vocals and tenor sax), Felipe Villar (guitar), José Manuel Diaz (bass) and Max Gomez (drums).


Felipe Villar
(+34) 653 533 082


Cannjazz 2015


Dedicated To You


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