Orquesta Sonoridad

We are a combination of Salsa lovers, music enthusiasts , and we are passionate about music and Salsa .

That is why, although our roots are Galician, we have initiated this project with the mood and recreate the illusion of strength, rhythm, cadence, expressiveness and sensuality conveyed by this great musical genre, mixing Latin icon and pot cultures, which is the Salsa.

Our inspiration is the magic that created the great salsa bands in New York and the Hispanic Caribbean in the 60s and 70s, who composed, interpreted and inscribed their own personality on major issues that today are classics of gender , and true representative of that era jewelry among so many musical wealth.

So, evoking the classic sound that cast these great musical groups from the golden age of salsa, we have chosen a repertoire and eternal and unforgettable versions, representing talent, originality, personality and above all the excellent quality of these prodigious and unusual performers, such as Hector Lavoe, Tito Puente, Ray Barretto, Roberto Roena, Tommy Olivencia, Ismael Rivera, Justo Betancourt and large instrumental ensembles from the Caribbean soul like Gran Combo de Puerto Rico .

But we have also selected topics especially thinking of "You: our people" because we enjoy it and share it with us, who hear, who sing and dance.

To you, dear audience salsa, it is dedicated this dream.


Sergio Ponte & Roberto Barral
(+34) 687 466 541 - (+34) 670 792 649


Congreso de Salsa de Oporto. En ruta con La Sonoridad.


Guaguancó de los violentos.


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