What's Quelibén? (Iberian Romani): demonstration, exhibition.

When passion, knowledge and creativity come together, the result is always unique. Everything fits, the sounds come and go with the naturalness of who knows what it means and how to say it. This is Keliben. These four artists with elegance, but without expressive limits, take us on a journey through a world of rhythm, movement and beauty as spontaneous as easy to appreciate. In this show, dance, cante, percussion and guitar come together as essential elements of the most honest and passionate flamenco, expressing itself in the duality between tradition and avant-garde.

Isaías Salazar: He knows how to elevate the popular flamenco dance to the category of art preserving the spontaneity and passion, incorporating the natural elegance of Farruco’s school.

Rubén Fernández: He begins in flamenco with the piano, then falls in love with the guitar and singing.

Moisés Fernández: Debuted in flamenco at 15 and since then, he can boast of being a good connoisseur of his instrument. His great intuition and curiosity have allowed him to participate in flamenco shows, jazz or free improvisation.

Miguel Flores: He starts in flamenco in Madrid where it comes into contact with other amateurs and flamenco professionals. He takes classes with Aquilino "Entri" Fernández and Óscar Herrero and debuts with the family Serranito at the Festival Flamenco of Ceuta. He’s part of bands like Miguel Flowers Trio, Pesdelán or Isaías Salazar Trio


Miguel Flores
(+34) 665 66 13 13




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