Pablo Vila

In ink and guitar chords Pablo Vila finalises, in a permanent state of creation, his next work. A project that reinforces its own musical style, halfway between rock, pop and songwriting. He is already testing some songs during his concerts, enriched with more rhythm and a sound constantly evolving. With sharp and honest lyrics, full of irony, he transmits his critical and vitalist vision of social and human issues, without losing the intimate and personal character of his first album.

“Noches Largas” (2018) opens his solo career recalling, in ten stark songs, full of mixed feelings and shared emotions, open wounds in lost battles that, adopting defeat with dignity, are closed with deep pain and bitter humour to not hold on "to the past, nor to what could have been."

“Imprescindibles” (2019) is a tribute to the poets of his longest nights, singing some of his most significant poems to the sound of the Spanish guitar.


Pedro G. Comesaña
(+34) 618 703 848


Noches Largas


2018, Pablo Vila

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