Dapena & Martín

“IN MEDIA RES” (2019) is the result of piper Javier Dapena’s and guitarist Javier Martín’s collaboration between January and July 2019.

The album can be considered the coded musical diary of these two composers during the six months it took them to create it, a diary that includes all of their doubts, ups-and-downs, and sleepless nights, all expressed in the musical language. Just like years before, they allow no stylistic restrictions when composing or producing, simply adding whatever instruments, effects and sounds that can enrich the song, its feel or its atmospher, although certain rythmic and arrangement elements are clearly rooted in traditional Galician music and in progressive-ish rock, maybe the two basic pillars of Dapena & Martín’s musical background.

The result is basically an exercise of instrumental composition and production that can be enjoyed by not-too-conservative bagpipe and traditional music aficionados, not-too-standard progressive-rock fans and simply everybody interested in free musical expression beyond commercial targets or strategies, going back to the idea of ‘the record’—whatever its actual physical format—as an artistic goal in itself.

Timeless and unforeseen, appearing at a moment when both the past and the future seem to fade, to reinterpret themselves and lose their importance... with all posible questions beyond and behind, just focusing on the present as the first and only available option, it just had to be titled “IN MEDIAS RES”.


Dapena & Martín
Javier Dapena Merlán. Javier Martín Carracedo
696 410 087 - 609 808 823


In medias res


2019, Autoeditado

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