In 2018, after a couple of years covering Pearl Jam as a tribute band, these five friends from different Galician towns decide to build their own creative Lego with tracks that recall Morrissey, Wilco, Joy Division, Golpes Bajos, La Dama Se Esconde or Héroes del Silencio.

The project is nourished by a classical rock formation —guitars, bass and drums— seasoned with piano, sets and synths that provide a pompous and atmospheric nuance to the sonic rawness that Ochodiecinueve has enjoyed since the beginning as a Pearl Jam cover band.

The name comes up from a dentist's waiting room, when Alberto Penas (voice, guitar, piano) reads an article from a well-known scientific publication: "Eight" minutes and "nineteen" seconds is the time the sunlight takes to reach Earth...

On January 7, 2020, they release their homonym EP, “Ochodiecinueve”, 5 songs recorded, mixed and produced by Arturo Vaquero at Abrigueiro Estudios and published by Rock CD Records. During the mastering process, they submit a preview of the album to Radio3's Demo Project 2019 contest; the chosen track is ‘Charla con la Parca’, which places them among the 30 state-level semifinalists out of almost 500 registered bands.

The band officially launches its completed work on March 7, in the classic Mardi Gras (A Coruña), getting an unexpected sold out in its first gig in the city.


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2020, RockCd Records


La Huida


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