Nüca is the personal project of Pablo Sáenz Carballeira. Its sound reveals a musical past linked to krautrock, postpunk, shoegaze, combined with a present where these first walks are mixed with concerns close to IDM, ambient, deep-house, experimental music.

Pablo begins with Omadroma, a project that combined the influence of Brian Jonestown Massacre with references to noise and shoegaze such as Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine. Then came the bizarre postpunk of Vale!Gringo and the leap to electronics with World Rally Boys, with whom he shared the stage with Mack Páramo (Thee Boas, Legítimo Polvo, Psychotic Acid Freek), and managed to sound like Ty Seagal and Happy Mondays. He also participates in the organization of concerts with the Pequena Morte Subrécords collective, and as a bass player in other groups such as Wahyaba.

Regarding Nüca, he states that “my sound begins with the circular repetition of ambient synthesizers and drone sounds, with a rhythmic backing provided by analog Drum Machines. I wanted to bring that retro-new-wave sound back, without using a computer in my live shows, moving further into the digital world, encompassing other styles such as IDM, ambient and drum-and-bass”.

He has since released a couple of EPs: ”Gnosis” (Prinzedom Records/Attack!, 2020) and “Niké" (Ferror Records, 2020); the latter is an allegory of the four seasons out of order.


Pablo Sáenz Carballeira
657 822 169




2020, Ferror Records

Homeworks Mixtape 1


2020, Pequena Morte Subrecords



2020, Prinzedom Records / Ataque!

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