Legítimo Polvo

Legítimo Polvo Mack Páramo’s project (Los Thyssen, Thee Boas, Psychotic Acid Freek). Intense synth punk or very personal and exciting electronic post-punk by one of the great agitators of the Galician underground... Music for Mack means that “I'm still alive, making moves and getting on with it, I have a great time making great tracks. It bores me to always do the same thing, something contradictory, because I love repetitive music. Even with loop, drone and maximum repetition, I've never made two bands [sound] the same... besides, the way I work is never the same".

His sound is an intense synth punk with very straightforward lyrics, although he defines it as "Crazy Frog, the neighbour with the drill, the beeping crane and the chainsaw that I listen to every day in Guantánamo over a very pounding beat.... That and Happy Mondays, Photocopy, The Soft Moon, JAMC, Boy Harsher, Cabaret Nocturne, and stuff like that".

In 2021, he teamed up with Nüca for "WRB Split" (Ferror Records, 2021), a split released on cassette by the Ferrol-based label Ferror Records, where each project contributed three tracks.


Mack Páramo
684 185 010


Legítimo Polvo x Nüca: WRB Split


2021, Ferror Records

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