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PortAmérica embraces the power and stimulating effect of culture to connect Europe and America aiming to find new formulas of economical and social progress on both sides of the Atlantic.

This project takes music as the connecting point between cultures. It combines three fundamental aspects: culture, leisure and innovation. It includes artists that embody the spirit of the festival: the convergence of the Europe-American connection in Galicia, from the cultural point of view.

PortAmérica comes from the necessity that society has nowadays to find practical and efficient solutions. The population of Europe and America and its business structure require new paradigms and productive blueprints.

Through talent and inventiveness it is possible and imperative to offer alternatives that guarantee a sustainable future to one and the other.

Esmerarte Industrias Creativas (Festival Cultura Quente, Vigo Transforma…) decided to step forward organizing PortAmérica, a new festival prototype that with its first edition established a starting point to generate synergy and shared projects on both sides of the ocean that still go strong in 2013.

Music promoters: Esmerarte Industrias Creativas S.L.

Establishment year: 2012

Periodicity: Annual

Duration: Three days

Place of celebration: Portas / Caldas de Reis (Pontevedra)

Approximate dates of celebration: July 13rd, 14th, 15th, 2023

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