Eidos de Outono

Eidos de Outono

Music. Poetry. Nature
Eidos de Outono offers a selection of contemporary music marked by the avant-garde and the diversity of styles, linked to the uniqueness and identity of the territory where the festival takes place.
Eidos de Outono is the musical extension of the Festival dos Eidos, which has been held since 2015 in Folgoso do Courel, a UNESCO World Geopark in the Courel Mountains.
Coinciding with the “magosto” season, Eidos de Outono is introduced as a celebration of both music and artistic expression within the stunning natural setting of the Serra do Courel. The pilgrimage of the 21st century that is committed to diversity, coexistence, antidisciplinarity and the exaltation of one's own identity in permanent dialogue with the global community.
"Eido" is a key word in Galician peasant culture that refers both to individual ownership and community belonging. This ancestral guide is what urges us to take up the revitalizing legacy of the poet Uxío Novoneyra who, since 1955, encouraged the presence of the creative genius in the remote Lugo mountain with the book "Os Eidos. O libro do Courel" (Editorial Galaxia).

Music promoters: Eidon Música SRL

Establishment year: 2019

Periodicity: Annually

Duration: 3 days

Place of celebration: O Courel, Lugo

Approximate dates of celebration: 28 oct.

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