Festival Internacional de Jazz e Blues de Pontevedra

Festival Internacional de Jazz e Blues de Pontevedra

This International Jazz Festival takes place in the streets and squares of the old city of Pontevedra. It is held on a yearly basis, in the second half of July. The concerts are free and include jazz and blues artists, and other related genres like rhythm & blues, and soul.

The concerts take place both in the Teucro square and the Ferraria square (where the principal events are held). There are also street acts, jam sessions and educational activity as the invited and local artists give workshops.

Galician artists are given particular predominance in this festival, in the main concerts in the squares, the street shows, the jam sessions and the workshops.

Music promoters: Concello de Pontevedra

Establishment year: 1993

Periodicity: Annual

Duration: 1 week

Place of celebration: Pontevedra

Approximate dates of celebration: July 20th-24th 2022

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