Agosto na Ría

Agosto na Ría

In its third edition, the festival Agosto na Ría Marqués de Vizhoja tries to place value on the elements of the maritime tradition of the Vigo estuary. The values of Bluscus define us, we want to spread the work of the professionals of the sea, value it and spread their customs, their heritage and, in general, the culture of the sea.

With Agosto no Ría Marqués de Vizhoja, we follow that trail, a musical event that takes place in a restored old boat, gastronomy based on an artisanal product and Vigo estuary as a common element.

In this current edition, we introduce an international call, Portugal is the guest country, represented by the group Benjamim (Lisbon), supported by the Instituto Camões.

Agosto na Ría Marqués de Vizhoja is history, a century-old sailboat, Jules Verne, the sea, Cíes Islands ... Vigo is a city with history and stories to tell.

It is gastronomy, a selection of Galician seafood and Galician white wine from Marqués de Vizhoja.

It is culture, the bands will be the engine of the boat that sails towards the Islands Cíes.

It is sea, the Vigo estuary will serve as a natural setting in which you can see an unique environment
It is music, we support Galician groups and, the novelty this year, with Portugal and Benjamin.

The estuary is the nexus of the festival, 8 concerts during the whole month of August (on Fridays and Saturdays).

Music promoters: Bluscus Turismo Marinero

Establishment year: 2015

Periodicity: Annual

Duration: A month

Place of celebration: Vigo

Approximate dates of celebration: All the month of august

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