A Revolta do Umia

A Revolta do Umia

The Festival takes place on Friday and Saturday of the last weekend of August in Vilar de Mato, a small rural town in the municipality of Cuntis. Our aim is not to be just another festival, but to offer a wide range of cultural, musical, recreational, environmental and gastronomic activities. Workshops, sound tasting, mural exhibition, (Mou Mutante in the 2022 edition), hiking route, children's games or vermouth session make up a program of complementary activities for all audiences.

One of the great attractions of the festival is its location in a rural setting. Fully integrated in nature, our location is an added attraction for our festival-goers, who will be able to enjoy the music and take part in the activities in a natural environment, in an area where the Umia river outlines unique spaces in which to spend two days of the festival. Some already consider us the Galician Paredes de Coura.

One of our identifying values, both of our association and of the festival A Revuelta del Umia, is the defence and protection of the environment, committing ourselves to a zero waste policy. With actions such as the removal of rubbish in the stretch of the Umia River near the location of the festival, an award to an entity that stands out in environmental protection and the use of reusable cups, among others.

Artists such as Tanxugueiras, BALA, Terbutalina, Familia Caamagno, Viva Belgrado, Grande Amore, Agoraphobia, The Rapants, among others, have performed at the festival. For this 2023 we are betting on two days of festival with different styles, the first of them closer to rock or even post rock, and on Saturday pop, electronic or urban rhythms will prevail.

Music promoters: Asociación A Revolta do Umia

Establishment year: 2017

Periodicity: Annual

Duration: 2 days

Place of celebration: Vilar de Mato - Cuntis (Pontevedra)

Approximate dates of celebration: August 25th-26th, 2023

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