Piti Sanz

At the end of the 80’s, musician, author and composer Piti Sanz began his professional musical career in the group Los Contentos, from Lugo, with the release of two albums that quickly turned the band into a national garage baseline and later into a cult group among the indie movement.

In 1993, he moved to Santiago de Compostela, where he began his career as a sound technician, which he combined with his work as a soundtrack composer for film, theatre and television shows.

In 1999, the María Casares Theatre Awards recognised his work, awarding him the prize for Best Music for "Finis Mundi Circus", music that he composed with his friend and colleague Fran Pérez, NARF. From then on, the awards for his work continue year after year: three María Casares awards for music for theatre and five Mestro Mateo del Audiovisual Awards for best film music endorse his career as a composer; as well as the International Award of the Çeará Film Festival (Brazil) for Best OST for the music of "Los Fenómenos" (2014).

Speaking of rock and roll, Piti Sanz was featured as a guest on the album "Obras escocidas" (2001) by Los Enemigos. He took over the musical direction of the Tri Bus Band for Xacobeo 2004; in 2010, he joined Luis Tosar again to record an album with the band recently formed by both of them, Di Elas; and, in 2015, he orchestrated the album "Fai un sol de carallo suite" by Los Resentidos.

Finally, in 2018 he created his solo group, the trio S4N7—you can also read SANZ—with Adrián Arias and Ro Muñoz.


Piti Sanz
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