Daniel Pereira

Pianist, teacher and researcher, Daniel Pereira completed a doctorate in musical arts at the University of Maryland, a master's degree at the University of Hartford and an artist diploma at the State University of New York, after studying at the Superior Conservatory of Vigo. Pereira released the double CD “90: Scriabin Complete Piano Preludes”, for Odradek Records, on which Melómano highlights his "really delicious pianism" and Ritmo points out that "he offers us the best of himself playing the soul of each work".

Pereira performed and attended masterclasses in festivals in Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Brazil and the USA. He participates as a guest artist in the International Keyboard Festival & Masterclass (IKFEM), Turtle Bay Music School in New York and in the Federal University of Minas Gerais in Brazil. He carried out extensive research on piano schools at the International Piano Archives at Maryland (IPAM) in the USA, which publishes his Pianistic Traditions project, as well as Melómano Digital in Spain. International Piano published the “Rooted in Tradition” article on it. Pereira edited ‘We Can’t Always Play Waltzes’ for Carl Fischer and ‘The Teaching of Alfred Cortot’ for Clavier Companion.

Daniel Pereira lived 14 years in the USA and also in London, where he worked as a teacher at the WKMT. He was a pianist at the ESAD in Malaga and at the Royal Conservatory of Dance Mariemma in Madrid. Currently, he is a professor at the Professional Conservatory of Vigo.


Daniel Pereira
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90 - Scriabin Complete Piano Preludes


2020, Odradek Records


90 - Scriabin Complete Piano Preludes - TRAILER Español


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