If the saying "talent equals success" were true, you would already know these songs, then Lonnegan would already be a familiar name. But that's not how things always work, and they know it, smiling, not because of gold records or T-shirts with their names on them, but because they do what they are passionate about! For them, the band is a vocation and not a disguise they put on to shake off the gold, the fame and the fans; in a way, it's not often you find bands like that anymore.

Clear, hard, primitive rock 'n' roll emerges from their music. A sound that evolved intelligently and patiently through countless gigs over the years, feeding through influences with rock and blues roots of all kinds, escaping labels; yet they have an undeniable charisma of the purest sound of the music's golden age.

Old world music adjusted to their peculiar way of understanding it today. Their sound is like a soundtrack to immerse yourself with them while you drink a few drinks until dawn. Rock riffs, raspy vocals, powerful guitar solos with a forceful, resounding and precise rhythmic base where the bass and drums nourish the purest and most sublime sound of the seventies brought to the present, which makes this mixture totally surprising.


Valentín Martínez
660 318 669


Live at Náutico 2022


2022, N/A


Live at Náutico 2022


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