The idea of setting up Cabodano emerged in 2012 among a group of friends coming from other music bands, from different genres (rock, thrash), but it is not until 2014 when they establish a strong formation, even though its official debut was in 2015, giving their first concerts.

At the end of the year, one of its member is forced to leave the band for personal reasons a and Cabodano puts aside its tour and the idea of stepping foot in the studio.

After several attempts with different musicians, when they even recorded a single, “Odio”, it is not until mid-2016 with the incorporation of Santi when the band returns to normality, resuming the rehearsals and debuting with this new formation in 2017.This formation lasted approximately one year, since Santi decided to leave the group to focus on other projects.

Finally, their first drummer Peri joined the band back in mid-2018. Rehearsing and composing in parallel, in the fall of 2018 Cabodano published, after many months, his first album under the title of “O Espertar” (2018).


Marcos Juncal
686 478 762


O espertar


2018, Novena Records


Dereitos ó Inferno (Video Oficial)


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