Defined by Dorian Wood as "a lovely showgaze wet dream”, MUSEL is the project of A Coruña native Óscar Vilariño (Triángulo de Amor Bizarro, Vale Tudo, A Veces Ciclón). After their debut with "Rabuña" (2015) and their stormy high-end noise-pop, they now come back with "Paseniño" (2019), two tracks—one of them is a Galician cover of "Words" by Low—simple and hypnotic. Northern slowcore that gets to name, as in Galician, a thousand different ways of raining.

Óscar Vilariño states that "this album should have been called" Sombra e Luz ". It is an advance of our future LP, which will include this track but in band version. I am especially proud of this piece, because in addition to having very cute chords, it is the first time I do something similar to a guitar solo. The B-side is a Galician adaptation of the first track of Low's first album, which is, in my opinion, one of their best works; I adapted it myself in a difficult and intricate piece of work between pure metrics and the ambiguity of the songs of the band from Duluth. The title" Paseniño " is not only due to the obvious aesthetic beauty of the word, it is also because MUSEL works at a slow pace. But here we are, always plotting things to do, things that will come into existence, even in 2050. We cannot guarantee that the next thing we release will be an LP, because we do not share the standard attitude of most bands, so if we find something along the way, surely we surely choose that option".




2019, Acuarela



2015, Acuarela






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