Anxo Blas

ANXO’s debut show was held on March 28 at Granell Museum-Foundation (Santiago de Compostela). On February 9, 2004, I recorded the "Saberis" demo at Radio Galega studios headed by Pablo Barreiro and, a year later, I recorded the second one under the guidance of P. Copin. At the end of 2009, I release the album "Euque", recorded at Casa de Tolos and my last album,"Vivimos en Vigo", comes out in 2018.

I am an Ourense native living in Vigo; apparently, nothing out of the ordinary, like a good “vigués” I had to be born in Ourense, hence the title of the album where I reflect on the "uncertainties" of being an “ourensano” living in Vigo.

Allegedly, I was always a troubadour but never exercised as such; I wrote music and poems and the guitar was often in between with a minimum presence. In 2015, I started clearly composing as a troubadour or—as we now say—a singer-songwriter, with the sole intention of gathering a handful of songs, making the appropriate arrangements for strings and starting to share them. Giving a concert along with my guitar would never cross my mind until Leo called me to sing with other songwriters in Vigo, and so the process sped up until today.

I prefer to be a troubadour, because I tell lies that tell truths and truths that seem too fake to be true. Like a good “ourensán” of yesteryear, I learn from all the places I go, from all the conversations, from all the experiences that life offers me to make songs with life, with criticism, with “retanca” or by musicalizing poems.


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Vivimos en Vigo


2018, Anxo Blas


Morro en ti


De cando en vez


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