We are a band from Pontevedra that pay tribute to AC/DC with small nuances regarding other bands, our sound, way of performing and a lead female voice that would surprise the very Brian Johnson.

Around 2013, we started with Jorge (vocals, guitar), Dani (rhythm guitar, choirs), Noli (bass) and Juan Carlos (drums). In 2014, we signed Mónica, the singer (rather, she signed us), the soul of ASI/SI, and at the end of that year, Dani had to leave the band for personal reasons; we started following contacts at musical level, doing interviews and practicing with some guitarists to see which one was the best fit for our project. In January 2015, after a few sessions with all of them, we chose Sergio who, coming from a slightly different style, got into the role with no problem, learning every day the nuances of Malcom Young. Noli, the bassist, left us in order to introduce Santi in 2016.

We “formally” started in 2017 and, since then, we have been growing and establishing ourselves in our province. We hope to spread our music in all social networks and websites with eagerness, power and a strong mindset to give everything on the stage. We are not a tribute band per se, we make original AC/DC songs our own, so that people who listen to us know that we just give a special touch to the tracks, beyond matching the original band.


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Whole Lotta Rosie (Official Video)


Stiff Upper Lip (Official Video)


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