Ghost Beast

Ghost Beast was born out of a 9-month confinement, where personal isolation itself inspired and gave rise to a group of songs that ended up making a record, “Winter’s Horns” (2018) and, almost at the same time, a band. The intimate theme of the album, impregnated with the very experience of isolation, dictates the musical tonalities that predominate in the project.

Musically, the band drinks from both electronics and art-rock, always in their most solemn, deep and less festive versions. The synthesisers gain prominence over the guitars, which are not forgotten, and the programmed rhythms are interwoven with drums in arrangements with a very contemporary sound, totally removed from the radio formula and the predominant indie. The songs are wide and with space, minimalist in many cases, evocative and involving, at all times fleeing from common places, from the predominant formulas and from the bombastic devices.

The band is made up of Pachu Doblas (voice, guitar, song writing), Iago Fernández (drums), and Xan Campos (piano). During their live shows, the trio manages to make the musical proposal sound wide, organic and spontaneous. Spatial sounds lead to acoustic parts at times, and these turn to free improvisations close to jazz and everything melts naturally and without losing the meaning of each song. The electronic parts are played live without the use of a computer and easily blend in with guitars, pianos and drums in a contemporary, elegant and emotive style.


Pachu Doblas
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Winter's Horns


2018, Autoeditado / Autoproducido


To The Other Side (Live @ the Radar Studio)


Turn (Live @ The Radar Studio)


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