Las Leves

Las Leves is the name of a new project within the Galician music scene; the band is made up of David Buela, Vicente Torrado, Sandra Hernaiz and Carlos Cabezas.

From the Rías Baixas, the four members define their way of creating and producing music as a misconfigured moment, thought or idea. They see how their style tends to sound alternative, neo-psychedelic, indie-pop or metaphysical pop.

As for their work at the recording studio, Las Leves self-produce along with Álvaro Blanco (Incurable, Músculo!), who takes the warm and saturated tone of guitars, polyphonic synthesizers, and basses and drums blended with electronics from digital platforms to their live shows.

The work of the Galician band will be available at the end of 2020 with ‘Cae!’ as the intro track.


Cae! (Teaser)


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