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Festival Arteficial

Afterwards of almost one decade of amble, the festival Arteficial keeps being defined every time more on the idea about project that the association had in his beginnings.

The festival always bet for the cultural activities that year after year complemented the musical section, cultural workshops that were always about the art and all his processes. This made a great variety of inicativas possible: musicoterapia, risoterapia, graffiti, designed band, sculpture, photography... that edition after edition reach port port added value and a seal of identity to our festival.

In the present 2015, so that it improves as association and has a more active paper, we decide to carry out a more continuous programming in the time for this way not to saturate too much the festival, and rather to focus on the musical part. With this we expand our festival in dates where the social cinema was a protagonist in the capital of the Ribeiro, doing the first edition of the Colchoneta Film Festival in April.

Still like this, this does not want to say that in this new edition the Arteficial alone is compound of music, since there will be activities as a market, in what projects will be able to be seen as Kit Ukelele Project, new creators and more even initiatives, exhibitions of photography of the hand of the Association of Photographers of the Ribeiro and other artists, and all this in a new frame incomparable for the development of our initiative, the square of the Fairy Cake in the center of the helmet old of the villa.

Like this we arrive the our 9th edition more consolidated than ever so much as for festival as of association, directing us every time to a more homogeneous public and encouraging the most avant-garde culture in our region.

Besides, a new frame for our festival, we choose a new date, on 5 of September, accompanying the program of the employer parties of the villa of Ribadavia, in new format, diurnal pilgrimage with music to the alive one from approximately 12 in the morning of Saturday until the dusk.

Music promoters: Asociación Arteficial

Establishment year: 2007

Periodicity: Annual

Duration: One day

Place of celebration: Ribadavia (Ourense)

Approximate dates of celebration: September 7, 2024

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