Maina Materia

Lidia India, Eugenia Sanmartín and Carmen Sixto are Maina Materia. Vocals, guitars, percussions, keyboards, compositions and arrangements. The three of us were born in the Ferrolterra region in Galicia, where rain is art (and God took a nap), but we have the sun on our heads and go out without an umbrella. The three of us are artists that come from live-shows, eclectic music and an untreated melomania.

Our common project is based in sharing our musicalities and poems, writing our own lyrics where Maina Materia’s identity, full of mixtures, emerge. Some are festive and others are not, we are interested in an intimate poetry full of our womanly feelings, in every sense of the word.

At the end of 201, the beginning of this project is born from the meeting between Lidia and Eugenia, an encounter in the street, making music when we were both back after a long stay elsewhere. Both linked to poetry and theater with a personal, musical (and vital) trajectory, both experts in Brazilian music ... and several others that unite us.

We premiered live with 14 songs in June 2018 and toured in different places of Galicia in the following months. In September, Carmen joins the project and the three of us immerse ourselves in the process of re-arranging the tracks to include Carmen's keyboard and voice. We are still immersed in the recording of what, we hope, will be the first of many albums.


Eugenia Sanmartín Alonso
628 996 442 - 620 234 816


Apenas Indios na Galicia


Noite Negra


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