Maina Materia

Lidia India, Eugenia Sanmartín, Carmen Sixto, César Yáñez and Fran Funkasta are Maina Materia, born in the Ferrolterra - Ortegal region in Galicia, where rain is art (and God took a nap).

But we have the sun in our heads and we go out without an umbrella. We come from a long way at performing live: Fran comes from playing in rock bands, César has his own journey, from traditional music to the Afro, Cuban and Brazilian rhythms that he adds to the band. Carmen comes from playing keys and vocals in a rock band, besides singing songs with another pianist. Eugenia made her way to Madrid with Cuban groups, jazz standards, Afro-Brazilian percussion batucadas and MPB bands. And Lidia nurtured her music in Brazil, she was part of several groups since her return, besides collaborating with other projects.

Maina Materia is built by sharing musicalities and poems, writing our own songs where this identity full of mixtures and a strong feminine emphasis emerges.

The journey began at the end of 2017, thanks to the meeting between Lidia and Eugenia, before launching a show with fourteen songs in June 2018 and, in September, Carmen joined in, adding keyboard and vocals.

The trio premiered the repertoire at Cuerda Floja in Ferrol in May 2019 and, among other concerts, we were at Maios in Canido, Beer Fest (Ferrol), Festival Terra Mãe (Portugal) and at the Gulliver Fest (Narón).

After the Summer Tour 2019, we settled the band into a quintet with the addition of César on drums, conga and other percussions, and Fran on bass.


Eugenia Sanmartín Alonso
628 996 442 - 620 234 816


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