Os Liantes

The folk group Os Liantes was born within the association with the same name, Asociación Cultural Os Liantes, in 2017, in the parish of Artes (Ribeira) and around a group of people with extensive experience in the traditional music of Galicia. The core of the Association was composed by members of the Pipe Band of the Centro Recreativo de Artes, but with the intention of opening the doors to new people and music we started to count with members of bands and groups as important as Ancoradoiro de Ribeira or Queixucas de Xuño.

Our name, Os Liantes, is a reflection of our restless character, which leads us again and again to the search for new challenges.

We start from traditional and author's music, with roots in Galicia as well as in other regions around us in Spain and Europe, with which we share affinities in terms of instruments, rhythms and melodies. Our repertoire is currently nourished by our own compositions as well as others performed and composed by groups such as Os Rosales or Muxicas, as well as various traditional Galician songs from other regions such as Brittany or Asturias.

Despite our short trajectory, we were one of the groups participating in the Festival de la Luz 2019, thanks to being one of the winning groups in that year's edition of the Interritmos contest organised by the Deloa association. We also managed to be finalists in the edition of Interritmos in 2021 and 2022.


Dario Silva Torrado
616 028 123




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