A Buxaina

A Buxaina, a group of pandereteiras, was formed in 1985 with members of the dance group of the same name, with the purpose of accompanying the dancer with their music. Back in 1995 the band debuts with their own show, but afterwards they also continued accompanying the dancers in their performances. For a long time they were self-learners, only receiving sporadic training from María Xosé Martínez (from Xalgarete).

And it's only in 2009 with the arrival of Margó Gaioso Lago (who directs and accompanies them nowadays), when A Buxaina started giving the vocal technique more importance, when they discovered different ways of playing, and also when they introduced other traditional percussion instruments such as pandeiro and pandeira. Their repertoire is the result of a hard work of compilation of music around different villages of Galicia, of pieces learned from our elders. And it is then also when they started offering more important performaces such as the one at Festival of Redon (France) in November 2012.


Margó Gaioso
(+34) 677 831 181


Galician folk dance: Pandeirada de Liñares


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